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Nick & Veronica — Minted




Nick and Veronica

Please join us for our wedding celebration on

16 days until the big day!

Our Story

Nick and Veronica always knew of each other thanks to Gig Harbor being a small town. In the late Spring of 2019 Nick started reaching out to Veronica via snapchat, eventually that led to texting, which led to meeting up at a bar in Tacoma called Rhein Haus (which sadly no longer exists). A few weeks later Nick texted Veronica and asked her on an official date, they went to Anthony's in Gig Harbor and basically shut down the restaurant from chatting for so long. Nick tried to play it cool after that but he knew Veronica was special. Slowly starting to hangout more and more Nick and Veronica knew this was something they both wanted.

Fast forward to December 10th 2022 Nick asked Veronica to marry him. Every December after the craziness of the holidays Nick and Veronica would stop by downtown Gig Harbor late at night. They would take a picture by the decorated tree and walk down to the dock hand in hand. No matter how cold or rainy, it was beautiful, calm, and quiet - it was a moment just for them and on December 10th 2022 that moment was made so much more special.